5 Ways Laser Dentistry Offers Superior Treatment


Dental Laser Tissue TreatmentLaser dentistry and tissue treatment represents the best current science and dental technology have to offer. Our Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies practice is one of just a few practices that currently offer this innovative, FDA approved, laser tissue treatment.  Laser dentistry sets a high standard with its superior precision, minimized bleeding, reduced risk of infection, and accelerated healing. Patients also report significantly less pain and discomfort during and after treatment.  Learn how this revolutionary treatment can change your dental experience and results.


Superior Precision.

When it comes to treating the soft tissues, bone and tooth decay around your teeth, laser dentistry offers the maximum amount of precision available protecting your gums and other tooth structures during treatment.  When you have tiny nerves that your dentist needs to steer around and delicate structures he doesn’t want to damage during treatment, he needs a tool that will give him maneuvering power. Laser dentistry offers this type of precise treatment. With it, your dentist is able to limit trauma to the area he is treating helping preserve the health of surrounding tissues and avoiding damage.  Dental laser technology uses varying wavelengths of light to allow your dentist the amount of control he needs for different treatment protocols. Because each dental patient has unique needs and structures, being able to choose what type of laser would best suit you is just another benefit of laser dentistry.


Minimized Bleeding.

Lasers meeting the world of dentistry is one of the greatest things that could happen to help reduce the negative effects associated with dental treatment.  Lasers reduce bleeding during treatment because they employ a conservative cutting action.  As the laser cuts, it seals the blood vessels (and nerve endings) allowing the blood to clot while reducing your pain.  Some soft-tissue removal procedures have no bleeding at all with laser dentistry. Minimized bleeding, and more precise soft-tissue cutting means less post-op swelling, less discomfort and better results.


Reduced Risk of Infection.

Recent studies have shown that dental lasers offer significant sterilization benefits over conventional methods. Laser energy has the ability to reach areas previously unreachable and provide immediate sterilization of those areas during treatment. This sterilizing benefits reduces your risk of post-procedure infections or the spread of infection in your mouth.  This fact alone is a huge selling point for laser dentistry. When it comes to keeping all the oral structures of your mouth healthy – and your body free from infectious bacteria – laser dentistry gives you the protection you need.  

Accelerated Healing.

As was discussed, lasers have the ability to decrease bleeding, trauma and infection due to the energy output used and the laser wavelengths.  Lasers operate so smoothly that you are able to avoid the small hairline cracks or fractures that can occur from conventional drills and treatments.  Since the laser never actually touches the tooth, the healthy structures of your tooth and tissues are sidestepped minimizing potential damage and future problems.  Prevention of problems means you are actually on the road to recovery during your treatment. Eliminate the anxiety of post-op pain, recovery and possible complications with the precision and healing benefits that laser dentistry offers.


Less Pain.

One of the biggest reasons that people dislike visiting their dentist stems from two things: 1) fear of pain and 2) the noise and sensations of treatment.  With laser dentistry both of these anxiety triggers are eliminated.  Lasers seal nerve endings as they go which results in very little (if any) pain during and after treatment. Patients actually report that the laser numbs the areas that were painful before reducing their discomfort during treatment.  Lasers work quickly and noiselessly. No drilling needed with laser dentistry so you can simply lay back and let the tool quickly remove the decay and get you on to healing. Most dental treatment cases when treated with lasers don’t even require a numbing shot prior to use. No shots, no vibrations, no noise, less time in the chair. . .laser dentistry is the treatment method of choice!

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