Cosmetic Dentistry

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry for a Naturally Beautiful Smile

One smile can make all the difference in the world. It can change your mood, disarm a stranger and impress the right people in a social or business situation. Our smile is usually the first thing that people judge when they meet us, which can be discouraging for those of us with less than perfect or damaged teeth. Fortunately, advances in the science cosmetic dentistry means that you can have the smile you always wanted. Making do with broken, stained, crooked or missing teeth is a thing of the past. At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies, we only use advanced techniques and the latest technology to create and restore smiles for naturally beautiful results.

For the uninitiated, cosmetic dentistry is simply a specialized form of dentistry that either restores or improves the health and look of your teeth. Whatever is blighting your smile—crooked/misaligned teeth, large gaps in between, permanent stains, broken or missing teeth—it can be effectively corrected by the following treatments:

A dental hygienist examining a young adult male's mouth.

The Benefits Are More Than Just Cosmetic

A common misconception about cosmetic dentistry is that it merely changes the look of your smile. While it certainly has an impact on how your teeth looks, what is often overlooked is how it can improve some aspects of your dental health. For instance, dental implants provide other benefits besides replacing missing teeth. They can prevent bone loss in your jaw and preserve your facial integrity. You keep your remaining teeth in place and diffuse chewing pressure, which allows you to eat normally without compromising the rest of your teeth. Reconstructing treatments such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, dental bridges and cosmetic bonding offer the following practical health benefits:

  • Restores/normalizes chewing and speaking
  • Keeps surrounding teeth in place
  • Prevents further damage to surrounding teeth

While it’s well established that cosmetic dentistry can restore and improve your smile, it should be acknowledged that it can restore and improve your self confidence as well. When you’re not worrying about broken, damaged, missing or stained teeth, you can smile without fear and embarrassment. This not only makes you look better, but makes you feel better too.

Close-up view of a woman smiling

What To Expect During Your Visit

We understand that your time is precious, so our office staff will do their best to expedite the process of gathering your information. For your convenience, we highly recommend that you download our new patient forms and have them completed before you arrive for your appointment at our Fort Collins office. As standard procedure, your medical/dental history is obtained, which is then taken into consideration as you discuss your dental condition with your dentist. An examination may be performed if deemed necessary, and from there you can discuss your treatment options with the dentist.

Payment issues and options can be discussed during your office visit, or you can call our office in advance for information. It is our belief that financial issues should not prevent patients from obtaining the quality dental care they need. This is why we also offer flexible payment options in addition to accepting standard dental insurance. Please do not hesitate to broach the subject with our patient liaison. We are here to help all our patients, regardless of their circumstances.

Because we always put the needs of our patients first, there is no “up-sell”. This means no pressure for expensive of unnecessary treatments. We only recommend treatments based on what is appropriate for your unique needs. We tell you everything you need to know from the cost of the procedure, how long it will take, whether the treatment is beneficial or appropriate, if there are other options that produce the same result, and anything else that may pertain to your condition or desired outcome.

Take the First Step to Restoring Your Smile

Our smile is more than just a signal of health and beauty; it’s also how we put our best foot forward while facing the world. If you would like to know more about the cosmetic dental solutions we offer, or if you would like to make an appointment, please call our Fort Collins office at (970) 223-8425. For your convenience, you may also submit a contact request or schedule an appointment online.