Dentists Safeguard Your Overall Health

Healthy Teeth

A dental visit isn’t just for cavity control, but essential for healthy teeth and a healthy body. Your dentist assesses your mouth for much more than holes in your teeth with your 6-month appointments. Your mouth reveals much more than if you have healthy teeth or not.  It also gives important clues about your overall health to your dentist.  Oral health professionals are trained to be able to spot other symptoms and signs in your mouth related to disease and conditions that can manifest symptoms in your mouth. Prevention is key to stopping oral health problems before they can gain momentum and supporting healthy teeth. Patients that are at increased risk for decay, tissue weakness, mouth sores, bone loss, dry mouth, infections, and bleeding need thorough, frequent care.  Drs. Murri and Willey can help you keep your healthy teeth goals in the face of other challenges you may be dealing with.


Clues to Your General Health

Patients are often surprised to learn that their dentist can assess aspects of their general health by evaluating the health of the mouth, teeth and soft tissues. Dentists are trained to detect other symptoms and signs that can give clues to your general health.  Part of their job is to safeguard you from diseases that manifest symptoms in your mouth. Some health-related conditions that show up in the mouth include:

  • diabetes
  • oral cancer
  • temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
  • thyroid problems
  • iron deficiency/anemia
  • leukemia
  • eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia)

Inform Drs. Murri and Willey of your current and past medical history so we can give you the best treatment possible. Honest, open communication with your dentist is a key component for healthy teeth success. During your dental examinations, talk to your dentist about any ongoing health concerns you have so that we can help you.  Treatment adjustments will be made if you have certain medical conditions, are undergoing medical treatment (radiation or chemotherapy) or are taking any prescription drugs.


Comprehensive Exams for Supporting Healthy Teeth

The American Dental Association recommends that patients receive a comprehensive exam every three years beginning at the age of two to help foster healthy teeth.  A comprehensive exam is much more extensive than just cleaning your teeth. The American Dental Association defines a comprehensive oral exam as an “extensive evaluation and the recording of all extraoral, intraoral and soft tissues”. By evaluating your teeth, gums, jaw and surrounding areas thoroughly, we reduce your risk for undiagnosed and untreated conditions that can damage your overall health.

Poor oral health has been linked to gum and bone disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, oral cancer, systemic disorders, deteriorating cardiovascular health and sinus problems. Comprehensive exams at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies are the best preventative and diagnostic measure for your dental and overall health. We also provide you with oral cancer screenings to help you catch oral cancer early if there are signs of it being present in your mouth. Oral cancer causes more than 7,500 deaths each year. Noticed and treated early, these diseases can be controlled, reduced or eliminated.


Treatment Protocol for Patients Combating a Disease

Enlist the help of your dentist when you learn you have a disease that can sabotage your healthy teeth goals.  There are steps we can take to help reinforce your teeth and gums when they are weakened from medications or disease. Prevention is key to stopping most oral health problems in their tracks. Patients need frequent, thorough care if they are at increased risk for tooth decay, tissue weakness, mouth sores, bone loss, dry mouth, infections, and bleeding.  These three preventative, healthy teeth actions should become part of your regular dental treatment plan if you suffer from a disease that affects your oral health:


High-Standard Oral Hygiene

Conditions that attack the strength of your mouth and oral tissues require the that you don’t just take “good” care of your teeth and gums but “excellent” care.  Brushing, flossing and paying attention to your diet are key to preventing tooth decay and gum disease and maintaining healthy teeth.  If you don’t know how to incorporate proper oral hygiene habits and practices, enlist our help! We can educate you and also introduce you to high-tech tools that can support your efforts.



Periodontal Treatment

Prevent gum disease and periodontal disease with periodontal treatment. The condition of your gums is an integral part of optimum health.  Gums anchor your teeth to the jaw, and protect its roots from the dangers of plaque and bacteria. When the gums deteriorate and start to recede, it can negatively affect your healthy teeth and your overall health. Gum tissue is often weakened and more susceptible to injury when you are using certain medications or when you are facing a health condition that requires aggressive treatment or use of your body’s resources. Periodontal treatment may be needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Regular Deep Cleanings

Deep cleanings (also known as scaling and root planing) offer a periodontal treatment option for halting and reversing gum disease in its early stages. Periodontal disease can negatively affect the appearance and health of your smile and the rest of your body as well. Gums protect the roots of your teeth and prevent dangerous bacteria from entering your bloodstream.  Maintaining healthy teeth and healthy gums is a necessary part of preserving your overall health. Deep cleanings are an essential part of keeping your mouth strong when it is weakened through other health conditions.


Call for a Healthy Teeth Consultation

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies understands that dealing with abnormal physical health conditions is stressful and exhausting.  We want to help ease the burdens your body is carrying by helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums. You don’t need to add any new physical trials to the pile you are already facing.  Enlist our help early so we can put preventive strategies in motion for healthy teeth and ease some of your anxiety. Please call our Fort Collins office today if you are suffering from a disease that affects your oral health at (970) 223-6101.  Together, we are stronger. For your convenience, you can also reach us online by submitting a contact or appointment request using the form below.