Five Reasons Teens Love Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen

Thousands of teens have avoided unsightly braces and the inconveniences that accompany them in favor of Invisalign Teen.  Why are more and more turning to this revolutionary approach? Teens love Invisalign because they let them live more freely; they let them call more of the shots.  Invisalign provides a method of orthodontics which is: 1) less noticeable; 2) more comfortable; 3) less diet restrictive; 4) easier to clean; and 5) removable.  Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies can help you decide if Invisalign is for you!


Less Noticeable

Invisalign Teen is a fantastic option for patients that want (and need) their smiles adjusted, but just don’t want to deal with the distracting wires and brackets that accompany traditional braces.  Invisalign Teen uses removable, clear aligners to straighten your smile. These custom-made aligners are custom fit to the exact shape of your mouth and teeth so that they hug your teeth in a natural way, rendering them almost invisible during treatment.  This approach to orthodontics helps reduce concerns patients have about their appearance during orthodontic treatment.  


More Comfortable

Since Invisalign Teen is a system made of clear, plastic aligners there are no wires or brackets for you to deal with. Along with that, you don’t wear elastic bands during treatment when you are wearing Invisalign Teen.  The only discomfort you many encounter is in those first couple days after you begin a new set of aligners as your teeth shift and move to their designated position.


Less Diet Restrictions

While it is still important to strive for a healthy diet to prevent tooth decay, Invisalign Teen’s removable aligners help you to safeguard your teeth from food and particles that can get trapped under brackets and wires of traditional braces.  Being able to remove the Invisalign Teen aligners means that you don’t have to avoid foods that typically get trapped in traditional braces, or that break brackets and wires.  You don’t have to forego your favorite foods with Invisalign Teen — another great bonus of this method of treatment.


Easier to Clean Your Teeth and Appliance

Being able to remove the aligners means your teen is also able to clean and floss his/her teeth more easily and prevent tooth decay. The ability to retain a healthy mouth during the span that your teen will be wearing braces will keep your teen’s teeth stronger and more resilient. Invisalign Teen does offer your teen much more control, but with that control comes a great need for self discipline. If used correctly, Invisalign Teen can save you and your teen valuable time because your teen can change out the aligner when needed without making a trip to the orthodontist. The custom-made aligners are worn for a two-week period and then replaced by the next aligner in the series.  Each aligner does its part in progressively moving the teeth into the desired position.


Removable Appliance for Sports, Work and Musical Performances

Some of the biggest reasons teens choose Invisalign Teen is because of the freedom they allow them to retain while still getting the job done.  The virtually invisible appearance of Invisalign Teen means that no one needs to notice your teen’s braces unless he/she wants them to. They also allow your teen to eat with freedom since they remove the trays when eating. Invisalign Teen treatment is also a great fit for teens that are active in sports where mouth injuries can occur. No metal braces means less likelihood of certain injuries. (If you decide on metal braces, using a mouthguard during physical activity is highly recommended to prevent injuries.)


Call for a Free Invisalign Teen Consultation

Drs. Willey and Murri are Certified Fort Collins Invisalign Providers and would be happy to answer any questions you have to help you determine if Invisalign is right for you and your teen. Thousands of teens have avoided unsightly braces and the inconveniences that accompany them in favor of Invisalign Teen®. To learn more about these effective, invisible braces and whether they could be a good fit for your teeth and your family, call our Fort Collins office today. In the end, whichever orthodontic treatment you choose, Drs. Willey and Murri and the team at Fort Collins Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies will make sure the results will be a healthier smile and a more confident teen! We look forward to guiding your smile transformation; it’s what we love!  Call (970) 223-6101 for a free consultation today!