Fix Your Teeth with Cosmetic Bonding

cosmetic bonding

Instead of receiving veneers or crowns, we can make your teeth beautiful with cosmetic bonding. This is our go-to option when you have a few imperfections with your teeth but don’t need extensive cosmetic procedures. Bonding is different from porcelain veneers, crowns and  fillings.  Unlike veneers and crowns, which are customized tooth coverings that must be manufactured in a lab, bonding usually can be done in one office visit unless several teeth are involved. Typically, no dental anesthesia is necessary.  In your consultation, we can walk you through what cosmetic bonding is, how it can make your smile beautiful and what you can expect at your appointment. At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies, we specialize in keeping your smile beautiful and healthy!


Making Your Teeth Beautiful

All we do is centered around providing you with the best smile possible.  Cosmetic bonding is an alternative to common cosmetic dentistry options like porcelain veneers, crowns and implants.

  • Porcelain Veneers – You must have relatively healthy teeth and gums for this procedure.  The process first requires that we take a mold of your teeth that will be sent to a special lab. An ultra-thin ceramic shell will be custom-made for each tooth receiving a veneer. We’ll take a thin layer of your tooth off, where we will then replace it with those cosmetic shells, bonding them to the teeth with a special cement. A blue laser will allow us to cure and harden the bonding. When you leave the office, you will have a perfect set of white, polished and brilliant teeth.
  • Porcelain Crowns – This procedure is used for badly damaged or diseased teeth or in cases where teeth are missing. In your first visit, you may receive a root canal or other dental treatment to the affected tooth or gum area (if a tooth is missing). We will file and reshape your natural tooth and add filling material for the crown. A very strong, custom-made crown will be placed over your natural tooth that will be cemented into place. At the end of your treatment, you will have a tooth that appears natural, is able to function and will stay durable for years to come.
  • Dental Implants – These are used in place of a missing tooth. We make a titanium post that is inserted into your gum and jawbone. Once the post heals sufficiently and is strong, we will insert a prosthetic tooth into your mouth. The result is a natural-looking smile that’s strong and secure for years. Sometimes our dental implants are even stronger than a natural tooth.


What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

This is our go-to option when it comes to eliminating small perfections here and there in mildly imperfect teeth. A special type of tooth-colored, durable resin is bonded to the tooth and smoothed to perfection so that you can’t tell a difference between the bonding and your real tooth. This restores and improves your smile while keeping your look natural. The bonding can also be applied in just one office visit instead of multiple visits. This option requires the least amount of enamel to be removed from your natural tooth and anesthesia is generally not needed unless the bonding is being used as a filling. The bonding is meant to last up to 10 years as well. Not too bad for a few minutes in the office, right?

How does it work though? The tooth you want to have perfected has a small part thinly shaved to roughen up the surface in the area that had the imperfection. We then cover that area with a conditioning liquid. We apply the resin to the tooth and mold it until it looks perfect and natural. We use a special blue laser that cures the mold and hardens it to your tooth. Then the tooth is polished to perfection and viola! You have a more beautiful smile.


Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is very beneficial for teeth that have mild imperfections such as small chips or cracks in the teeth (especially in the front). It’s also great for gaps in the teeth, stained teeth and receding gums. Dental bonding can be done to protect exposed teeth roots due to receding gums (whether that be from gum disease or another cause). It can also be used for filling dental cavities so that the fillings blend in beautifully with your natural teeth. Just like veneers, bonding will be able to change the shape of the teeth or their length. Think of this service as a touch-up procedure for the teeth. If you have a few stains here and there on a white shirt, cosmetic bonding would be like the bleach pen you use to remove those stains and make the entire shirt perfect and white again.


Why Choose Cosmetic Bonding?

We don’t believe in going overboard with procedures when it comes to making your smile beautiful. Cosmetic bonding is the perfect option when you only need a few changes here and there. Cosmetic bonding is generally more economical than other options you can do, but yet you still come out of our office with a beautiful smile that others will notice

If you’re curious about this service or have a few areas of your teeth that you want perfected, cosmetic bonding might be for you! Call our Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies office at (970) 223-6101 today for your free consultation. A more beautiful smile is just one call away!