Get Your Beautiful Graduation Smile with Teeth Whitening

Studies show that 1/3rd of people notice a person’s smile before any other physical attribute. You want that smile to be something a person remembers, and something you want to be proud of when it comes to special events. Both high school and college graduations are coming up. You want to get your smile looking its best, and you can do that with teeth whitening. Learn what your whitening options are and how quickly they can whiten your teeth!

Why Does Your Smile Matter?

Studies show that a person’s smile is one of the very first things others notice about them. A straighter, more beautiful smile can boost a person’s confidence immensely, and others will perceive them as more confident. Invisalign, The New York Times, and countless others have conducted studies about the benefits that come with a beautiful smile:

  • 1/3rd of people notice a person’s smile first when meeting for the first time.
  • People who have straighter teeth are 45% more likely to be hired for a job than someone with a crooked smile.
  • Those with better, more beautiful smiles are 58% more likely to be perceived as wealthy and successful. They are also more likely to get a date over someone who doesn’t have a good smile.
  • A better smile leads to more confidence and happiness, as studies in both adults and children show.
  • People with a straighter, more beautiful smile are seen as healthier by others as well as smarter.

A smile isn’t everything when it comes to a person’s personality or who they are, but a better smile can make a major difference in how a person feels and appears to others. When it comes to graduation, millions are graduating each year. For some, that means moving on to college, where they will be meeting hundreds of new people and building a network for the future. If graduation is from a university, it’s time to get a job. Having a great smile will give you a better advantage of landing a job and doing well professionally. Plus, it will help make your graduation photos that much better when you look back on them.

Comparing Teeth-Whitening Products

Not all teeth-whitening products are the same, nor do they whiten the same (or at all). Look closely at your toothpaste to see if it actually whitens or if it simply removes the gunk from your teeth. If your toothpaste does whiten, it will contain various types of peroxides (carbamide or hydrogen) that whiten the teeth. If you “teeth whitening” toothpaste doesn’t have one of these ingredients, it won’t actually whiten your teeth. Even if it does, your teeth whitening may take months or more to make a noticeable difference.

A step up from teeth-whitening toothpastes are whitening strips, gels and other over-the-counter products. Many of the most popular brands of toothpastes and toothbrushes will have some sort of whitening product in one of these forms, and they all work the same way. The amount of carbamide peroxide will be between 10 % and 22%, and hydrogen peroxide content will get up to 3% in these products.

Whitening strips are transparent strips coated in whitening paste. You carefully place the strip over your teeth and keep them in place for about 20-30 minutes. These strips can noticeably whiten, but are as thin as tissue paper and the whitening substance can go everywhere in your mouth. With these and other gels that you apply to the teeth, you have to keep salivating to a minimum, if possible.

In-Office Whitening before Graduation

In-office teeth whitening is the quickest way to get a whiter smile. The whitening solution is generally between 15% and 43% hydrogen peroxide, which is how the treatment gets your teeth so white so fast. However, you can’t get that strong of a solution over-the-counter, as it can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Our whitening service is a Sapphire brand whitening gel. It’s formulated to prevent tooth sensitivity, which is so common with teeth-whitening products. The gel helps to relieve discomfort during your actual procedure, which is usually the hardest part of whitening (because of sensitivity).

We use a product called “Sapphire Teeth Whitening”, which is the in-office whitening treatment that we think is best. This is a gentle treatment using medical-grade whitening gel with a patented Sapphire Plasma Arc Light to whiten your teeth. This takes only 30-60 minutes to receive a better smile. Instead of using bleaching chemicals on the teeth, we combine light therapy with a whitening gel. The gel is formulated to have a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with the arc light. This lightens the tooth almost immediately. If you want an easy way to make your smile dazzle for graduation and all your end of the school year parties, teeth whitening is the way to go!

Get Your Teeth Whiter in One Appointment!

Dentists are professionally trained to provide teeth whitening services to their patients, and they can get your teeth white in just one office visit. The great part about professional teeth whitening is that it can keep your smile beautiful for several years. Typically, patients will need to professionally whiten their teeth in about 5-7 years again. This is because foods and drinks, age, medications, trauma and tobacco use stain the teeth over time.

However, just one in-office appointment can get your teeth white again. It’s the perfect way to get your teeth beautiful in a hurry, especially if you have a special or important upcoming event. Graduation is something you will remember forever, no matter if it is your high school graduation or college graduation. If you want to get your whiter smile today before you graduate, call Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies today at (970) 223-8425!