Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Your Oral Health

Close up view of a woman with red lipstick that is smiling is putting in a transparent orthodontic aligner.

Do you find yourself with cavities and gum problems often? If you have never straightened your teeth, that could be a main deciding factor in how often cavities happen to you. When the teeth are crooked, they are much harder to clean, which leaves pockets of plaque that turn into pockets of decay or infection. Learn how orthodontic treatment can help your oral health and how a simple straightening treatment—such as Invisalign—can change your smile!


Problems that Stem From Crooked Teeth

Did you know that not straightening your teeth could actually be causing you more harm than good? Some people fore-go orthodontic treatment because they don’t see the benefit of spending money on straighter teeth. However, you are probably actually saving money in the long run by receiving orthodontic treatment. How is this possible? Studies show that crooked teeth can lead to many oral health problems, especially tooth decay and gum disease. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and can lead to dental emergencies and even tooth loss. Even children will start to have problems with speaking, eating, chewing and more if they have crooked teeth that aren’t corrected through orthodontic treatment. Plus, crooked teeth can affect your social and professional life according to studies. There are many problems that stem from crooked teeth that just aren’t worth it.


Tooth Decay

The largest concern you have to be mindful of with crooked teeth is tooth decay. Studies and reports from the National Institutes of Health show that tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease among children and adults. That’s despite the fact that gum disease affects more than 64.7 million American adults. Just imagine how many millions must have tooth decay!


You know tooth decay by the name of “cavities” or “dental caries”. Tooth decay happens every day. In fact, you might even have some decay this very minute and not know it. When you eat and drink (which is multiple times a day), sugars in your food mix with certain bacteria in the mouth. When it does, it creates a sticky, thin film called plaque that coats your teeth. Simply drinking water doesn’t get rid of that plaque either. You have to brush it away several times a day and floss in between the teeth to get rid of it. If you don’t, that plaque will slowly weaken and erode your tooth enamel. If it weakens it enough, it can create small openings in your teeth, where it will get inside and decay your tooth. The only way to remove that decay is to remove the part of your tooth that is affected.


A view of a transparent aligner for braces for both the top and bottom jaw.

Gum Disease

You could get tooth decay and gum disease at the same time because both are caused by plaque. Not only does plaque damage your teeth, but it irritates your gums as well. Over time, your gums will become red, swollen and irritated and they may even bleed easily, especially if you occasionally floss. If you don’t get better oral hygiene habits that irritation will start to turn into gum recession. If the gums recede enough, you will get tooth loss and soft gums that won’t hold dental implants. Gum disease and tooth decay can both easily happen if you have crooked teeth, because those teeth will be much harder to clean.


Dental Emergencies and Bite Problems

Crooked teeth are also shown to cause dental emergencies such as cracked or broken teeth. When you don’t get orthodontic treatment via braces, you are bound to have a few teeth that are misaligned or crooked. If you bite down or chew on food, you have an uneven distribution of pressure on your teeth. Eventually, some will crack and break under pressure. You can even get a crack that goes below your gum line, damaging the root and quickly causing infection. This is how people end up losing teeth and having major infections. This is one of the main reasons you should get orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.


Children often have oral health problems if their teeth are crooked. That is why child orthodontics exists. This is when we see your child around 7 or 8 years old to check that their bite and alignment is correct. If they have teeth that protrude at different angles, or their jaws aren’t aligned correctly, those children can end up with speech impediments as well as problems chewing, biting, talking and more. Getting orthodontic treatment when young can quickly correct orthodontic problems that would become severe and require surgery later on. It’s much easier just to get braces and not have all the problems!


Close up view of a man putting an Invisalign transparent aligner in his mouth.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Besides all the health benefits of getting orthodontic treatment (and all the health problems you would avoid), you benefit socially from getting braces. Studies show that people with straighter teeth are viewed as more successful, wealthy, attractive, intelligent and even more trustworthy. You can also land a job over your competition if you have straight teeth and your competitor has crooked teeth. Plus, straighter teeth are proven to boost confidence immensely, which can change your entire trajectory in life.


In short, there are way too many benefits of orthodontic treatment that far outweigh any pros. If you want to start benefiting from straighter teeth today, call Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies today at (970) 223-8425 and learn about our Invisalign orthodontic treatment. A straighter smile is just around the corner!