Protecting Your Smile with Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment in Fort CollinsPeriodontal treatment helps preserve the health of your gum tissue–a vital component of a healthy, beautiful smile.  The Journal of Dental Research recently published data indicating that 47.2 percent, nearly half of the American adult population, have some form of periodontitis–the more advanced stage of periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease symptoms range from simple gum inflammation to serious damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. Gums anchor your teeth to the jaw, and protect teeth roots from plaque and bacteria. Gum decay and and gum recession greatly impacts your teeth and your overall health. You can stop gum disease in its tracks if you commit to safeguarding your teeth and gums every day through excellent oral hygiene habits. Periodontal treatment from our Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies team can return your gums to optimal health.


Why Is Periodontal Treatment So Important?

Losing teeth due to severe gum disease and periodontal disease is a preventable outcome that has permanent, life-altering affects on your smile.  Not only do these diseases affect the health of your smile, but research has shown that they are linked to bigger health issues that can affect your overall health such as: heart disease, strokes and diabetes.  Periodontal disease can be prevented by regular oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.  


Why Do So Many People Suffer from Periodontal Disease?

With half of the American population suffering from periodontal disease, one of the biggest questions is “why?” Why are so many people suffering from this preventable disease?  One of the biggest reasons is that periodontal disease is a “silent” disease.  The deterioration of gums and tissues is a painless process so many don’t realize they are in bad shape until it is too late to reverse.  Other reasons that this disease is so prevalent stem from: 1) lack of education; 2) postponing seeing the dentist when you need to; and 3) not being consistent with your oral hygiene habits. If you are unsure how healthy your gums are, make an appointment with a member of our Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies team for a full examination.  We can discuss with you our findings, make recommendations for improvements, and warn you of potential risk factors you may not be aware of.


What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease?

Like was mentioned above, gum disease is often silent; symptoms often don’t appear until the disease is in an advanced stage. Some warning signs to look for include:

  • Inflamed gums. Red, tender, possibly swollen gums
  • Bleeding. Bleeding while eating, flossing or brushing
  • Recession. Gums that are receding or pulling away from the teeth (causing the teeth to look longer than before)
  • Loose or shifting teeth. Loose or separating teeth indicate bone loss due to the decay
  • Visual oral sores. Sores in your mouth that you can see or feel
  • Bad breath. Often an indicator that decay is present in your mouth or tissues
  • Malocclusion. A shift in the way your teeth fit when you bite
  • Partial denture changes. Indicates your bite or bone density is changing–a problem is present


What is a Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation and Why Is it Needed?

Because of the high number of Americans suffering from periodontal disease,  the American Academy of Periodontology is encouraging yearly comprehensive periodontal evaluations (CPE) to assess for disease symptoms regardless of age or gender.  An annual CPE will evaluate your periodontal health, locate existing disease, diagnose risk for disease, and establish if any treatment is needed.  A CPE is performed during your routine dental examinations.

During your CPE Dr. Willey or Dr. Murri will evaluate your current periodontal health by assessing the following key areas:  teeth enamel/structure, amount of plaque present, gum health, bite occlusion, bone structure, and risk factors.


What Periodontal Treatment is Available?

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies offers two types of periodontal treatment: non-surgical and surgical.


Non-surgical periodontal treatments:


Surgical periodontal treatments:

  • Gum pocket reduction–decreases vulnerability to infection and halts the progression of periodontal disease
  • Bone grafting–done in preparation for dental implant placement
  • Gingival grafting–performed to cover an exposed tooth root or to treat extreme gum recession
  • Dental implants–for replacing missing teeth
  • Ridge augmentation–reinforces the jawbone and restores its natural shape by filling indentations left by lost teeth
  • Crown lengthening–performed to expose more of the tooth from the gum line, either for restorative purposes (crown placement) or for cosmetic reasons (to correct a high or uneven gum line)


Call for a Periodontal Treatment Consultation

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies offers both non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatments to ensure that your smile is both healthy and beautiful now and for years to come. If you have symptoms indicating that you may need periodontal treatment, call our Fort Collins office today at (970) 223-6101 to make an appointment or to obtain more information. For your convenience, you can also reach us online by submitting a contact or appointment request using the form below.