The Skinny on Same Day Crowns

same day crowns

Everyone is talking about same day crowns. So, what are they, why do I want them and why should I get them from you? These are the questions being asked when patients first hear the catch phrase “same day crowns.” Technology just keeps improving and improving and the field of dentistry is evolving in ways we only imagined before.  Now, with computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, patients can have their crowns created and delivered to them right in our Fort Collins office in just one appointment visit. The E4D Dentist System scans, designs, and mills your new crowns with same-day convenience and precision.


How Does the Same Day Crowns Process Differ from Traditional?

In this day and age, people are short on time. They lead busy lives. While our health should be our top priority, often it takes second shelf to other priorities. Traditional crowns take time to prepare, create and place.  The traditional and same-day process both require that your decayed tooth be cleaned and prepared for the crown, but this the only thing in common that these different treatments share.  Yes, both require impressions to be made, but with same day crown placements, we make your impressions digitally, uploading your exact measurements and needs instantaneously to the computer. With traditional, once the impressions are made a temporary crown is placed to cover the exposed tooth and you are sent home with careful eating instructions.  When your final crown is finished at the lab, you are called back in for placement and removal of the temporary crown.  Sometimes crowns don’t fit properly and a new impression has to be made and a new crown has to be ordered.  Not so with same-day crowns. With same day crowns, once the computer has received your digital impression we can immediately begin fabricating your permanent crown right in our office with our E4D technology. We can deliver your permanent crown right in the same appointment.


Why Are Same Day Crowns Preferred?

The reasons to choose same day crowns are many.  Some of the most popular reasons that people turn to providers that can offer them this same-day treatment include:

  • Same day appointment dentistry for your convenience
  • Safe and simple dental procedure
  • Advanced laser technology to provide extremely accurate results and better dental care
  • No need for temporary tooth/teeth
  • Perfect for crowns, veneers, fillings inlays and onlays
  • No need for the traditionally unpleasant and messy impression materials
  • Greater precision
  • Digital scans
  • Beautiful results


Allowing Your Dentist to Be Involved in the Design Process

Same day crowns allow your dentist to be directly involved in the design of your crown to ensure that it blends with the color of your natural teeth, and that it functions with the strength (and comfort) that you need. Our same day crowns technology allows your dentist to choose the color, shape, and biting/chewing surface for your permanent restoration. The crown is milled right in our office so he can look at the result and make any changes necessary to get it just right, right then. This milling process uses a bur that carves the material (porcelain, composite and lithium disilicate) into the exact shape needed for your restoration and then the restoration is polished or stained and glazed so that it will naturally blend with all your teeth.  If stain and glaze are used, the restoration will be fired in an oven for approximately 15 minutes or less. The total process may take as little as 60 to 90 minutes, and then will be ready to be seated in your mouth.  Once the restoration is finished, your dentist will assess it for appearance, functionality, and fit then cement it and you are done.  Traditional crowns just don’t provide you with this accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.


Why Choose Us for your Same Day Crowns?

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies was established with the goal to provide advanced Family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry in a family-friendly atmosphere. We built our practice with our patients in mind. We believe that trust, comfort and your overall patient experience are key in your treatment success.  Because the science of dentistry continues to evolve, every member of our staff acquires additional education every year–which means that our patients can always expect state-of-the-art dental care regardless of their dental issue. We are dedicated to employing not only the best skills, but also the best technology. Same day crowns are an example of how we are bringing the best new technology can offer our patients.


Call for a Same Day Crowns Consultation

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