What is Dental Laser Tissue Treatment?

Dental Laser Tissue Treatment

Advances in medical science and technology continue to provide the field of dentistry with more and more tools to better your dental experience and results and dental laser tissue treatment is no exception. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies is one of the few practices that offers innovative dental laser tissue treatment with the advantages of superior precision, minimized bleeding, reduced risk of infection, and accelerated healing.  There are many benefits of dental laser tissue treatment including reduced discomfort or pain during the and after the procedure.  Call for a consultation and read more below to learn about the advantages of laser dentistry and what it can do for the health of your smile.

How Do Lasers Work in Dentistry?

Lasers are engineered to delivering energy in the form of light. When lasers are used for surgical and dental procedures, the laser serves as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with.  Energy output settings can be adjusted to serve a variety of different purposes.

Dental Laser Tissue Treatment Purposes

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies provides state-of-the-art dental care to the communities of Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor, Colorado.  Laser dentistry has been around since the 1990’s and has continued to be perfected overtime. Laser therapy has been seen to offer better clinical results with shorter treatment times and lessens discomfort and prevent the need for more invasive types of therapy. Our laser tissue treatment is extremely versatile and can be used to:

  • Treat hot/cold sensitivity by sealing the tubules at the root of the tooth
  • Find subsurface cavities that elude X-rays and traditional probing tools
  • Disinfect the cavity of a tooth prior to filling
  • Recontour gum and bone tissue to expose healthier tooth structure, establishing a stronger foundational tooth restoration placement (crown lengthening)
  • Fix a gummy smile
  • Correct limited tongue movement in children and babies
  • Repair speech impediments caused by the tongue
  • Painlessly remove soft tissue folds created by ill-fitting dentures
  • Painlessly remove benign tumors inside the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, palate, and lips
  • Treat cold sores, eliminating pain and speeding up healing
  • Accelerate the teeth whitening process
  • Conduct regular and deep cleanings (scaling and root planing), remove tartar
  • Treat TMJ (Thermomandibular Joint Syndrome): cold lasers help control tooth sensitivity, inflammation, and TMJ pain.

Advantages Of Dental Laser Tissue Treatment?

Our patients have voiced various reasons for preferring dental laser tissue treatment over traditional methods. Heat, vibration, and pressure are the primary causes of pain associated with the use of the traditional dental drill. Since cutting both hard and soft tissues (teeth and gums) with a laser does not generate heat, vibration or pressure, many dental procedures can be performed with fewer shots, less need for dental anesthesia, less use of the drill and fewer numb lips!  Dental laser tissue treatment compared to traditional dental drill treatment may:

  • Reduce pain. In some instances, eliminating the need for anesthesia. (The laser seals nerve endings.)
  • Ease anxiety.  Helps relax patients that are uncomfortable with the dental drill.
  • Minimize bleeding and swelling. During soft tissue treatments, the laser seals blood vessels encouraging immediate blood clotting.
  • Eliminate the need for stitches. Because the area has been cauterized, stitches may be completely unnecessary for some patients.
  • Reduce infection risk. The laser sterilizes the area immediately during treatment.
  • Increased precision. Lasers allow the dentist to limit the trauma to the treated area, which spares the surrounding tissue from inadvertent damage.
  • Faster healing and regeneration.  This occurs as a result of decreased bleeding, trauma, and risk of infection.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Laser Treatment?

Laser dentistry works for most patients and conditions but may not be advised for everyone. Lasers are not very useful in situations where the dentist needs to shape a filling, adjust the bite, or polish a completed filling. Furthermore, traditional dental drills are much more effective than lasers when: 1) fixing cavities between teeth; 2) Working near old fillings; 3) Preparing a tooth for a dental crown; or 4) Prepping teeth for a dental bridge.

Laser dentistry is particularly beneficial for patients who:

  • Have an impaired or depressed immune system
  • Are looking to avoid antibiotics and side effects of antibiotics
  • Want to minimize or eliminate the need for anesthesia
  • Need to recover and heal quickly
  • Want to avoid post-procedure pain and prescription pharmaceuticals

Call for a Dental Laser Tissue Treatment Evaluation

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